Bowman Williams CEO John Davenjay’s article in ChannelFutures "Avoid This Landmine: Hiring Overqualified Candidates"

In my work as CEO of a staffing firm that focuses on helping MSPs find the right talent, I often see overqualified candidates applying for positions. At first glance, you might feel you’re getting a deal. And you might be right — the applicant could have burnished his resume because he’s looking to get out of a toxic environment and end up being a great fit.

However, beware: If you hire a truly overqualified candidate, you’re likely to face problems — quickly.

First things first. Overqualified employees become bored fairly quickly and will ask your hiring manager about career-advancement opportunities at least twice a quarter. Over the course of my 10-year career as a recruiter for the channel, I’ve heard about this happening to CSPs and MSPs over and over again — and this type of behavior makes sense when you take a step back to think about it…….Click here to read more