ConnectWise Automate Tier 2 Ticket Killing Machine

Level 2 Help Desk Technician




Worked in COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Managed Services department with the main branch being our office for all of the continental US. While in office, we used Connectwise and Connectwise Automate (formerly Labtech) as our ticketing system. Connectwise was integrated with E-Automate which we used for billing. In office responsibilities main focus was answering phone calls and assisting customers with all needs as well as use Connectwise to work on tickets as they came in. I also assisted with in-house IT issues. When remote support was not possible I drove to customer locations to assist.



  • Lead the project of transitioning to a new meter reporting for over 11,000 end points
  • Windows, O365 migrations, supported end users remotely providing desktop support for Level 1 and Level 2 issues
  • Collaborated with my team to find more efficient ways of keeping track of customer’s toner to ensure they were not running out nor wasting ultimately leading to happier customers and reduced shipping
  • Trained hardware techs, network techs, sales reps, and admin users on use of Remote Support Technology and Windows Server administration



Assistant Manager



February 2013 to April 2016


Aside from the primary responsibilities of making food, taking orders, and customer service, I also created schedules using sales and volume forecasts, P&L management, recruiting, local store marketing, training, maintain store equipment and upkeep, and all duties that come with a managerial position.



  • Consistently hit comp numbers for every store I was
  • Boosted sales at a $2.3million/yr restaurant by over 10% with marketing techniques.
  • Retrained entire stores to improve
  • Trained team members for management


Skill List

Connectwise, Labtech, E-Automate, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Quickbooks set up, Adobe suite, Network set-up, Set up domains, Windows server set up, Hyper-V, WAAS, SAAS, Screenconnect, Go2Assist, Teamviewer, domain migration, Client VPN, Site-to-site VPN, Firewall/Switch/WAP set-up and configuration, Cisco-Meraki Network Associate certification, help desk, minor scripting, data migration, Trobleshooting Windows and Apple products, MFP set up, PC hardware, disk cloning, Active Directory, GPO, Use Windows server for DNS/DHCP/AD/File Share/RDP, Domain and email administration, virtualization, Systems and network administration, Active/Passive marketing, training, P&L management, sales forecast, labor forecast, deposits, cleaning, customer service, customer retention, waste and shrinkage reduction