Tales from the Field: Real but Funny Stories from MSP Field Techs

I’m not just a Field Technician I am also a Meditator and Psychologist.  Recently I was working with a Verizon Technician & an office manager for a doctor’s office and things almost went bad.

My client was getting Verizon Fios installed on their site as a failover ISP. The Verizon Tech was explaining to me that building where my client is located does not have a fiber setup on-site.

He informed me that he has two options. One option is running a line from the pole and supply Internet solely to my client. Another option is running a thicker line with additional equipment that would supply the entire building with Fios; in case any other tenants were interested in getting Fios in the future.
Hearing all this, I felt that it would be a better idea to have the Verizon Tech do the second option. As it would supply the other tenants with the ability to have Fios easily when they become interested in the service and it would reduce the number of holes Verizon would make to the build.

Though, for the Tech to do the second option, he would need approval from the landlord. I proceeded to locate the Doctor who is the landlord of the building, who informed me he was unavailable and proceeded to direct me to his office manager. I informed her of what Verizon is doing for my client and what the Tech is suggesting we do. I answered as much as I could on the matter but realized that some of her questions I did not have the answer for. At this point, I directed towards the Verizon Tech who would be able to answer the remainder of her questions.

She began to question the Tech as though she and I never spoke. And her tone of questioning seemed to offend the Tech. The issue for her tone to be the way that it was since the Tech was not being clear with his answers. Which was upsetting and confusing the office manager. As I began to see the situation unfold. I stepped in and clarified the answer the Tech was giving to the manager working as a mediator.
After I clarified the answers to the office manager, I politely pulled away the Tech; while saying to the office manager that we’ll be in the I.T. closet working. By this point, the tech vented his frustration on the situation. I talked to him and changed the topic to what would be entailed in getting the work done and when could he start.

In hindsight, I feel that I would have handled the situation in the same manner, but I would have gotten as much detail from the Tech to relay to the office manager as possible. Additionally, the moment I see the conversation going south; I would step in earlier to clarify any confusion.