Team Building 101: What MSPs Should Know

Cultivating and fostering a team-centric team environment is no easy feat. It takes patience, determination, and dedication on your part, and even when you give it your all, issues will more than likely still arise. There are ways to go about creating a positive team atmosphere, and they all involve team building activities. It’s up to you to figure out what will work best for your employees and follow through with your action plans.

Actions speak louder than words

Yes, this may sound a bit elementary, but it’s true: Actions speak louder than words. We all say we want team players on our rosters, but do we back up our words with actions? Do you go out of the way to cultivate and foster team environments? If not, it’s time for you to take responsibility, evaluate your team members and encourage team building.

What should team building activities entail?

Work can get monotonous and stressful (I think we could all agree on this). Hosting team activities is a great way to build team rapport, comradery and reduce stress levels. Okay, so let’s say you’re in agreement with me. More than likely, your next question is probably the following: What exactly should corporate team building activities entail?

First and foremost, the team building activities you select should challenge your employees — plain and simple. These exercises are supposed to bring team members together, so if for some reason some of your employees are uncomfortable with the team building activities you’ve chosen to deploy, immediately reconsider your selections.

Your individual teams probably aren’t big enough to separate, but if they are, determine how you’d like to divide and conquer. Do you want each team to grow internally, or do you want team members to collaborate with employees from other departments?

What about an escape room?

There are so many different team building activities out there to pick from. If you’re having a difficult time choosing a single exercise, do some research to figure out what’s trending. For example, escape rooms have been popping up in nearly every major city. If your employees are okay with going off-site for a team building activity, find out if there are any escape rooms designed for corporate team building (they’re out there — believe me). Can’t find an escape room by you? How about laser tag, an obstacles course, river tubing or a scavenger hunt? Don’t forget: If you can’t find anything fitting at all, there’s another route you could decide to take: Poll your team members for ideas.

Skip happy hour

Despite what some may say, team building activities don’t need to revolve around drinking. In fact, it’s probably better if you stay away from alcohol during these exercises. Yes, these team building activities should be fun, but they shouldn’t revolve around alcohol. Why not? Well, again, these team building activities should be inclusive (in other words, you shouldn’t leave any of your team members out), so if they don’t drink, some team members may feel a bit excluded from activities involving drinking.

Before you promote team building activities within your organization, set your goals. Do you want to bring your teams together? Do you want your engineers to work more closely with your technicians? Afterward, search for activities designed to challenge your employees. Try searching for escape rooms in your area. If you can’t find anything inclusive enough, poll your team members for ideas. Bringing your team together through inclusive team building activities is the first step to creating a team atmosphere.