Bowman Williams Salary Guide: How Much Should You Pay A Level 2 Field Tech?

If you’re unsure of the going rate for a Level 2 field technician, you’re not the only one. Over the years, we’ve come across plenty of MSPs with little to no knowledge of how to compensate technicians fairly — and that’s okay: As a business owner, you’re typically more focused on other pressing business matters, such as sales. (That’s why we at Bowman Williams believe our solutions provide you with the opportunity to grow and scale without having to spend time, money and resources on the hiring process itself.) At the very least, though, as an MSP owner, you should be aware of how L2 field technicians play larger roles within your organization and what they expect to be paid.

How L2 field technicians affect customer retention

Your L2 field technicians are your first line of defense when it comes to churn rate. When you think about it, your L2 field technicians are working on multiple accounts on a daily basis, so they’re actually more in contact with your clients than you are. Your technicians form relationships with your clients. Without a doubt, your technicians are your eyes and ears on the ground. These employees are capable of delivering you the details you’re unable to acquire during phone calls and scheduled meetings with clients.

For example, your technicians are more than likely well-versed in who the key players are at a client’s office. Sure, you know the high-level decision makers, but do you know the inner workings of the business and who reports to who? Your L2 field technicians should also be able to get a grasp of company culture and projects coming down the pike, giving you the opportunity to adjust strategy for your client accordingly. Instead of going into a catch-up meetings cold, leverage your L2 field technicians by gathering the scoop before sitting down with your clients. Your field technicians help you set the tone.

Find L2 field technicians who can alleviate pain points

Your L2 field technicians act as representatives of your company. When responding to onsite issues, these employees are more often than not walking into hostile environments, where their resolution speed will be a determinate to if the client will retain the company’s services. In addition to speed, your L2 field technicians should be able to provide your clients with detailed accounts of how technical issues were resolved.

Now, on to the money

It’s time to get down to the numbers. The majority of field technicians working for MSPs (this group is made up of mainly L1 and L2 technicians) earn $65,000 or less. The average current salary earned by an MSP professional working in a field technician capacity is $62,645. The average starting salary offered by an MSP when hiring a new field technician employee is $59,732. Technicians also get compensated based on skills.

Below is a list of the average salaries earned by field technicians living and working for MSPs based in major metropolitan cities in the United States. It’s important to note the following: The salaries outlined are categorized by technical proficiency and skill level:

  • L1–1.5 (remote support and field tech): $49,168.
  • L2 (remote support and field tech): $58,959.
  • L2 with a dual skill set (Cisco and Windows): $65,100.
  • T2-3 (support and projects): $70,870

Use your L2 field technicians to your advantage. They’re the ones on the ground, so be sure they’re representing your company in a positive light. They’re key to client renewal, which means you should keep them happy by paying them a fair wage. Review the numbers above to determine whether your compensation is aligned with the market’s.