Cloud Staffing 2


Cloud Service Providers (CSP) rely on leveraging the economics of computing efficiency, the creation of cloud networks, virtualization platforms, and its IT Support staff to run their business.

Bowman Williams partners with Cloud Service Providers to help them hire Cloud, Virtualization, and customer service-oriented Support Technicians to support their Cloud.

We recruit candidates that have experience interfacing with multiple clients, supporting virtualized Windows/Linux environments, and the creating and supporting of Private and Public Clouds.

We are a great resource for any Cloud Service Provider (CSP) looking to hire leading edge Virtualization or Cloud-experienced Engineers or Technical Support.

Our candidates have experience with the following technologies:

  • Xen
  • KVM
  • VMWare
  • Virtual Box
  • Hyper V
  • OpenVZ

We are a good resource for helping Cloud Service Providers hire:

  • Windows Engineer
  • Virtualization Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Linux/Windows Engineer
  • Cisco LAN/WAN Engineers
  • Data Center Engineers