Small company "blowing up" needs IT Recruiter

Location: Arlington, VA / Salary: $80,000 - $100,000

Small company "blowing up" needs IT Recruiter

Bowman Williams was ranked #137 Best Recruiting Firms in America in 2018.

We have our hands around the market we service, we earn 80% year over year repeat business and have continually grown the company by 30% – 50% each year since 2012.

We’re hiring Recruiters.

Bowman Williams Recruiters do not chase after passive candidates. All resumes/applicants are funneled into your inbox so you can focus exclusively on performing the function that earns you placements and commissions.

We don’t use “the job boards” so Recruiters don’t “spin their wheels” dealing with unresponsive candidates.

We’re a niche staffing firm, so we have high “recyclability” meaning we can recylce our best candidates by sending them out to multiple clients for similar positions.

Recruiters use Skype and recorded one-way video for conducting interviews and technical tests, on a dual monitor interactive screen setup.

Bowman Williams believes in empowering people to work at their highest scope. When working on a salary + commission compensation structure, a Recruiter should want to protect their time so they can work “closest to the dollar” all of the time. We empower Recruiters (and all Teams at Bowman Williams) by removing as many tasks in their daily job responsibilities that do not directly impact recruiting candidates with Cloud Computing and Manage Services experience.

Compensation:  Base salary + commission.  Typical first year earnings are $8,000 to $100,000.  Expected second year earnings are $110K+

This position includes full 100% benefits coverage (including dental and vision), unlimited vacation, 2 hour lunch break – EVERY DAY, 401(k), new computer with dual monitors, and quality of work life balance.

Job Requirements:

  • 1+ year in any staffing or recruiting role.  We hire based on aptitude, character and professionalism.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Interviewing IT candidates via Skype and on the phone, work closely in small team environment and dedicated Recruiter to recylce top candidates.
  • Present qualified candidates to the team during each morning meeting.

Opportunity Location

Arlington, VA

Proposed Salary

$80,000 - $100,000

Bowman Williams is a national specialized staffing firm for Cloud Service Providers and Managed Service Providers. Ranked by Forbes as one of America's top 200 Best Staffing Firms in America, we are a good resource for candidates looking to advance their careers in the Cloud Solutions and Services industry.


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Location: Arlington, VA

Proposed Salary: $80,000 - $100,000

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